2022 Emergency Disaster: “Cybersecurity of the US Power Grid” Summit Steering Committee Meeting -- September 30th, 2022

Summit Steering Committee

(to be formed)


Community Benefits Agreement Group (CBAG)

Economic Empowerment incubator begins with Diversity Equity Inclusion in the macro economic development at the local, state, and federal levels of responsible “good government.” The non-profit Atlantic County Community Benefits Agreement Group (CBAG) has formed a strategic Mentor-Protégé collaboration with the Maryland Washing Minority Companies Association, which exclusively focuses on connecting large and small businesses to work together www.mwmca.org

Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) RX5 Cybersecurity Certification

Educational Advancement incubator is a Public Private Partnership collaboration between philanthropy, non-profits, and HBCUs to create new pipelines of innovative advanced education for Black and Brown students, particularly in the cybersecurity and electric grid industries.

Compassionate Community Financial Literacy & Cryptocurrency Capitalism

Character and Leadership building begins with compassionate financial literacy to “reach one and teach one:”
  1. How to read
  2. How to prepare for a job interview
  3. How to become an entrepreneur
  4. How to proactively be engage in local government and PTAs to educate and protect the children
  5. Education about innovative ways for youth to engage in cyber-art, as well as using cryptocurrency to “do good while doing well,” andeMost important, how to become self sustainable

RX5 Cyber Low Voltage Electric Workforce Training

Health and Wellness begins with a family’s household healthy mental state. Whether it’s the father or the mother who is head of the household, having a rewarding job is the basics of a family’s health and wellness. In collaboration with the extraordinary Charles Mann Academy we will provide workforce training that leads to a well paying job, and begin the process of healing families in need of mental health and wellness.